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Wrapping It Up


Your contacts have probably provided various degrees of help with your job search. These same contacts will serve you well in the future if you maintain a healthy reciprocal relationship of give and take. With this purpose in mind, organize all your contacts into groups and blanket everyone with a round of final thank-you's and updates on the outcome of your job search. Do not forget the people at the University of Alabama that may have helped you out, including advisors who provided career guidance and the professors who allowed you to miss class.

There are probably some people that really gave you more help than you ever expected. For example, someone may have spent several hours over the course of your job search helping review and change your resume while providing advice on interviews. Thank these people by sending them a bottle of good wine (not outrageously priced since you are in college) or an equivalent gift such as lunch. You will probably have only one or two people fall into this category. It will not be hard to decide who they are since they will have offered a lot more help than the others.

I enjoyed calling all my contacts and speaking with them before sending out my thank-you letters. It gives you a sense of closure for your job search more than sending letters does.


Personally, I would really enjoy hearing from people who found this site helpful. I do not have much free time but I will eventually respond. Please e-mail me with your outcome and the most helpful part of this site.

Also, if you have ANY advice or information after landing a job in New York and/or investment banking then PLEASE e-mail me since you are now the current expert on job searching.

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