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Selecting Trip Dates

Some good times to go to New York are October or November (avoid Thanksgiving) or anytime in January (maybe miss the first half-week of school since most professors are waiting on the rolls to finalize anyway). See the discussion on interviewing cycles so that you can better judge for yourself the best times to go.

Remember that your travel dates are not set in stone. As you start to get a feel for the interviewing schedules of investment banks, you could always adjust the dates of your travel to meet their collective needs as a group. You first solidify dates on the airplane tickets, then later, hotel reservations and train tickets, if necessary.

As a final note, do NOT go to New York between December 15 and January 5 for several reasons:

1. It is the Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year's holiday season and everyone will be flocking into NYC (i.e. hotel rates and occupancy rates are very high during the holiday season).

2. Recruiters will be hard to catch at this time of year for interviews. It is hard to even call them during this time. Every New Yorker is flocking out of the city.

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