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Buses run all over Manhattan. They are slower than the subway and taxis, but cheaper than taxis. The buses are good to use when you are first getting acquainted with the city. The buses cost $1.50 for each ride. The MTA web site also has bus maps in Acrobat format.

Bus fare must be paid with subway tokens, a MetroCard, or change (no pennies or dollar bills). Bus operators do not handle money and cannot make change. Don't try to get change at any store, though, since most will refuse unless you purchase something.

Most bus routes operate 24 hours and offer one free transfer to an intersecting route (must be used within a 2-hour limit).

To catch a bus, stand by the signs marked with M# (like M6) for the desired line. The times of the buses are listed on the route maps at some stops.

Note: Bus M6 runs down Broadway to Battery Park (South Ferry) then loops back up to Central Park via 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas). This is a good route to remember if you are staying in Midtown and job hunting in the financial district. However, note that although this route is much more scenic, it is about two or three times slower than the subway.

The front door of the bus is the entrance while the back door is the exit and handicapped door. Enter the bus and pay for your fare either by inserting your MetroCard into the reader (it will suck it into the machine and pop it back out) or by dumping $1.50 in quarters in the change collector.

The driver will usually announce the next stop on the route before he/she gets there. To stop the bus between stops, touch the black tape on the bus walls. The driver will stop when he/she can. A green light above the back door will come on when you can exit. Exit the bus by pressing the yellow tape on the door.

Also read MTA's How to Ride the Bus.

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