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The following is an excerpt from a letter sent in January of 1997. Therefore, the two contacts mentioned may not still be at Robinson-Humphrey. Regardless, you should contact this strong regional investment bank to gather information for your cover letter and strategy. Address your initial inquiries to the "corporate finance analyst program recruiter".

Thank you for your interest in the financial analyst position. The position consists of a two-year program in the Corporate Finance Department of Robinson-Humphrey and provides an opportunity to participate in a variety of financial transactions in a wide range of industries. The principal responsibility of the analyst is to provide analytical support and includes preparing the financial models, analyses, and presentations required for the various transactions. Our recruiting process for the analyst program generally takes place during the fall and winter with hiring decisions made in February. Our new analysts then typically begin their employment the following July.

... we are interested in meeting with you in person to learn more about your career interests as well as to better acquaint you with Robinson-Humphrey. If you happen to be in Atlanta ... and would like to arrange an interview to further discuss the opportunities associated with the analyst program, please contact either Allen Moseley at (404) 266-6031 or myself at (404) 266-6951.

Anna S. Coffin


The Robinson-Humphrey Company, Inc.
Atlanta Financial Center
3333 Peachtree Road, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
Anna S. Coffin
Corporate Finance Department
Phone: (404) 266-6951
Fax: (404) 266-5966
Allen Moseley
Corporate Finance Department
Phone: (404) 266-6031
Kenneth T. Millar
Managing Director
phone: 404-266-6943
fax: 404-266-5966
Arthur Roselle
Vice President
phone: 404-266-6493
fax: 404-266-5966

Role in Financing:
  • investment banker

Types of Financing Done:

  • second stage
  • mezzanine
  • leveraged buyouts
  • management buyouts
  • special situations
  • secondary private equity
  • restructurings
  • control block purchases
  • secured debt
  • term loans
  • operating loans
  • asset based secured lending

Robinson-Humphrey is a large Southeastern regional investment bank with a structured analyst program. They are located in the nice area of Atlanta called Buckhead. They have been investment bankers since 1894.

You should request information about their corporate finance analyst program. They will send you a blue folder of information including details about the firm. The University of Alabama Career Center also has a copy of this folder from 1997.

Before interviewing at Robinson-Humphrey, be sure you research the different strategies and market niches of regional investment banks as opposed to New York investment banks.

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