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Next Interviews

Finally, the process is beginning to pay off. After your first interview, you will usually receive a phone call from the recruiters inviting you to interview again. This is often followed by a letter outlining the event and providing phone numbers for the company's travel agent and/or reimbursement department. For your next interviews, the investment bank will pay for your air fare, taxis, and hotel and will feed you at least one good meal.

The format of the second or third interviews is similar to the first but you will receive more information and have more interview sessions. These interviews range from more intense to more relaxed, but still similar in nature to the first interviews. Usually these interviews take place during organized events for rapid-fire interviewing of large groups of job candidates (large number of company interviewers paired with a large number of candidates for normal one-on-one interviews).

Whereas your first interview is usually a solitary experience, it is during this time that you are merged into the flow of candidates from Ivy League schools. It is possible that the investment bank will serve lunch or dinner to its many job candidates on second or third interviews in the firm's formal dining room or at a local restaurant.


"Super Days" are the final interviews by investment banks. The day is named according to whichever day the interview is held on; Super Monday or Super Saturday are common ones.

Final interviews are nice because you are very close to receiving an offer. Again, investment banks pay for your entire trip to New York for final interviews. Therefore, if you get the final "OK" from everyone then rest assured that you will get an offer.

Three things you can do to help you get an offer are:

1. Be yourself and be polite

2. Be professional (on-time, dressed nice, prepared)

3. Show genuine enthusiasm for the position (not the fake, bubbly crap)

Final interviews will most likely be in conjunction with dinner or a similar social event. Don't worry about trying to find out all the details about the investment bank via final interviews. Instead, concentrate on securing an offer.

Investment banks have Sell Days for the specific purpose of providing information about the bank before offerees have to decide on which firm to join.

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