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My Map

Stores and Places Around Hotel Wolcott

There is a deli and grocery store at the 5th Avenue and West 31st Street corner (when going north on 5th Avenue towards 32nd Street). There is a Subway sandwich shop, Dunkin' Donuts, and Baskin Robbins across 5th Avenue from the deli (about 15 yards from Hotel Wolcott).

Copy/Fax place ("Copy and Printing Center") will fax documents for $2 for the first page then $1 for the each additional page. This is cheaper than the $2 per page offered by Hotel Wolcott. However, Hotel Wolcott can also receive faxes and bill them to your room.

Kinko's near Hotel Wolcott charges $12 per hour for computer use and 49 cents for each printed page. All their computers have Internet access.

I also stumbled across a web site for the Manhattan Mall, which is located at 6th Avenue and 33rd Street (near Macy's).


These are the restaurants, stores, and places within easy walking distance of Hotel Wolcott. I noted each of these places on my map while I was there to maintain accuracy.

My map
My map of the area around Hotel Wolcott

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