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The Job Offer

Each of your job offers will probably be given to you over the phone by the recruiter in charge of the analyst program. The recruiter will tell you the salary, bonuses, and benefits involved. You should also receive a letter formally outlining the offer. Generally, you will be given a week or two to decide on the offer.

One bit of advice to remember during the job offer process: the distinction between you and other college undergraduates with limited work experience is slight, if any. Most investment banks will offer the exact same fixed salary and benefits package to all of the analyst candidates. Therefore, since getting a better compensation or benefits package from a particular bank is usually not possible, you should be using this time to assemble the facts about each job position so you can determine the fairness of each offer.

Usually after receiving a job offer, you will be invited to "Sell Day", an event where the investment bank will market itself to you, which will give you a chance to gather even more information about the investment bank.

Remember to evaluate all your job offers for more than monetary reasons. You want to work at an investment bank or company that offers the best springboard for your future plans. Think in terms of the big picture.

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