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Interview Supplies

A few supplies can keep your interview running smoothly. Try to avoid lugging a lot of stuff to an interview. A clean suit and a neat leather folder or briefcase are all that you should appear to have. Your long coat should already be in the closet of the floor's lobby by the time you reach your first interviewer's office.

These are the key interview supplies you need:

1. Briefcase, satchel, or folder - I prefer to use the simple leather folder in an interview.
2. Pen
3. Notepad
4. Contact cards for the firm - These are the cards that you have in your contact card box that list names, phone numbers, and dated notes of each conversation.
5. Copies of your cover letters for each mailing to that firm
6. Questions for the interviewer
7. Any pertinent company information excerpts from annual reports, newspaper clippings, and web site articles
8. References sheet
9. University of Alabama transcript copies
10. Standardized test score copies
11. Resume copies


  • Keep your own business cards in your jacket, pants pocket, folder, etc.

  • Carry one letter-folded set of copies of your resume, transcript, references, and standardized test scores in your jacket in addition to the copies in your folder.

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