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Contact Cards System

It is critical to your success to maintain good organization when contacting investment banks during your job search process. The contact cards system, like a Rolodex file, is a convenient way to track your contacts with a firm.

Purchase an index card box and some index cards at an office supply store. At the top of each card, put the company name and contact name (place whichever one is more appropriate to your tracking needs before the other). On the card itself put the names and titles of company contacts, addresses, phone and fax numbers, and dated lines to record brief notes of each contact with the firm. Be sure to update the appropriate contact card after every business contact. As a final touch, you should also tape business cards to the respective contact cards.

It is not really necessary that you use physical cards at all. The point is to just be organized in your job search.

The contact cards system, when used with your three-ring binder of cover letter and resume copies, will adequately track your progress during your job search process.

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