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When I would tell people during my senior year that I got an analyst position with a New York investment bank, they would inevitably ask how. They would always look sort of disappointed when I would say that I wrote and called a lot. I guess if I had said, "My uncle is a managing director" or taken them aside and whispered, " I know this guy who can put you in touch with anyone", it would have seemed more plausible.

I have laid out the strategy in this web site that I used to get an investment banking analyst position. I haven't held back any advice or information that I found in the course of my job search. In short, there are no magical formulas, just persistence and dedication.


I hope that this web site has provided you with enough information so that you can make your own way. However, if you run into a problem or mystery that you cannot figure out then try asking people in-the-know, such as professors, Career Center personnel, professionals in the field, and especially, University of Alabama alumni in your desired field or location.

As time goes by and my memory becomes increasingly selective, I can probably help you more with understanding the investment banking profession than breaking into it. Therefore, during my senior year I quickly put all the information that I knew about breaking into the field in this site. If you cannot find it here then look in the references or sites listed in this site.

My E-mail Address: JSides at hotmail(dot)com

I will try to respond as soon as possible but please do not send any time-sensitive questions. I'd especially enjoy hearing from you if this site helped you in your job search.

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