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This section contains links to the pages referenced elsewhere in the site but not included in the left-hand menu links.  My goal in building the Appendix section was to allow you to quickly reference the entire contents of this site by using only the left-hand menu rather than digging through secondary pages.

  • Cover letters - discusses cover letters in general and provides Word 97 examples of initial and follow-up cover letters.
  • Resume - discusses the resume and provides a Word 97 template resume.
  • DownloadReferences - download this Word 97 example for guidance in the format of reference sheets.
  • The Street Address Guide - helps you find locations without knowing a cross street.
  • My map - shows places, such as restaurants and copy centers, near the Hotel Wolcott.
  • Manhattan Mall - this is the web site for a large multi-storied shopping mall located at 6th Avenue and 33rd Street.
  • Selecting trip dates - discusses the best times to go to New York (or the city that headquarters most of your favorite investment banks).
  • Contact cards system - discusses making your own system for managing information about contacts.

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